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What is Mortar Utama (MU)?

MU is a construction material in forms of ready to use instant cement (pre-mixed mortar) consists of cement, selected sand, filler and additive.

What is conventional mortar mix?

Mixing sand and cement separately in the project site.

What are MU benefits compared to conventional mortar mix?

  • High quality building, because MU is made of high quality raw materials produced by Germany computerized technology.
  • Practical, because it does not need to purchase sand and cement separately
  • Time efficiency, because it does not need to sieve the sand, measure cement and sand, and short time gap between each process (brick laying – plaster – finish coat – paint) causes cost efficiency.

What materials does MU consist of?

It consists of selected sand, best quality cement, premium filler and European additive.

How do we use MU?

It is very easy to use MU. It only requires the following 3 steps:

  1. Add water 
  2. Mix homogenously 
  3. Pre-mixed mortar is ready to be used.

What is the cause of cracked wall?

  1. Raw materials, especially sand that might contain clay or other impurities (mixed from the beginning or mixed during the mixing process in the project site).
  2. Inappropriate cement and sand measurements.
  3. Inhomogeneous cement and sand mixture.
  4. Inappropriate application method.
  5. Sudden drying.

What causes cracked grout?

  • Using cement as tile grout. Cement is not flexible) 
  • The water used is not clean. 
  • Tile grout pasta isn't mixed well or too much water. 
  • At the time of application tile grout less suppressed so it does not fully get to the bottom. 
  • Grout is too wide

What causes tile popping?

  1. Cement can not adopt the expansion-shrinkage of tile (not flexible) 
  2. There hollow as a result of uneven adhesive 
  3. Grout width is too small 
  4. Use unpropper adhesives that do not match with type and technical characteristic of tile