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High Quality Building

By using MU made of selected sand, cement, filler and additives, the quality of the constructions made of MU is certainly a lot better compared to the conventional method (mixing cement and sand separately on site). Problems caused by the conventional mix can be in a form of a crack on the wall (starting from the bricks laying, plaster up to finish coat), permeate and moist wall, wet wall, unsmooth and rough wall surface, popping tile, loosen adhesive power and other various problems.

High Quality Material

By using MU, the occurrence possibility for crack formation on the wall caused by the quality of sand as well as the cement and sand mixing process which is not homogenous can be avoided. Filler is one of MU pre-mixed mortar compositions that create condensed working result and softer surface. Additives that are multi-functions based on each product application function and are not available in the conventional mix, create a better quality construction result.

Composition Dosing

The composition and formulation of ingredients are regulated by a computer-controlled weighing scale, ensuring the accuracy, precision and consistency in terms of product quality; from the first sack to the last in line.

High Technology of Production

MU employs modern production machinery and technology  from Germany, which is operated by an integrated computerized system in order to produce a range of high-quality premixed mortar products. This is the best premixed mortar manufacturing process currently available, leading to the best mixture of cement, sand, filler and additives. All MU products are highly homogenous and consistent, and adhere to international standards.

A Long List of High Profile Projects

MU has been used in a vast array of projects, ranging from low rise buildings (housing and industrial) to high rise buildings (apartments, office towers and other buildings). This is testament to the fact that MU products have won the trust of leading developers and contractors in Indonesia, further indicating the excellent quality of MU.