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PT Cipta Mortar Utama is Indonesia's first premixed producer who brings Silo Application Technology System (STAS) to facilitate construction work. 

Silo is a tube-shaped container that has a volume of 20m3 (± 30 tons) of dry mortar in bulk form. Silo integrates with STAS to increase productivity.

About STAS

About STAS

STAS is a high-tech applications system  to increase productivity of  building construction works. STAS come from an integrated development of several systems which are:

  • Silo and Conveying Systems 
  • Logistics system 
  • system Applications 
  • Loading and Unloading Systems



Silo Physical Data


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STAS Benefits

  • Accelerated delivery and unloading of materials.
  • Less storage area is required for materials .
  • Increased project productivity.
  • Greater time and cost efficiency.
  • Minimized waste in the form of containers or pallets.
  • Reduction in material losses and need to protect building materials from inclement weather.
  • Safe conveying system.
  • Dustless processes.
  • More efficient use of human resources.
  • Easily refillable at the construction site.
  • Greater mixture consistency.
  • Reduced waste handling.

Productivity Comparation

Job site mix
Manual with MU's products
Spray with sack
Spray with STAS

Type of STAS

Manual System

Dry mortar unloaded from silo through the tap manually. And then the mortar is prepared to be stirred manually as usual.

D-40/D-50 Mixer Gravitation System

Mixer fitted under  silo. Dry mortar from the silo into the mixer without pumping (force of gravity). Mixer output: 2.4 to 3 m3 of wet mortar.

Silo Conveying System

A vertical distribution system of dry mortar from silo using compressor. Mortar pumped through a rubber hose to a height of more than 150m. The dry mortar transfered into mixer at the job site with output: 1.8 m3 of ready-made mortar


DuoMix Mix & Spray

applications machine which has two ways in supplying mortar: manual and conveying. This machine has a pump to spray. 

  • mixer output: 1.5 m3 of ready-made mortar / h 
  • electric power: 16 A 3 Phase




Supporting machine for pumping mortar from the silo to the mixer. The electric power required is 32 A 3 Phase

D-30 Mixer

Simple mixer with integrated water pump that can stir the mortar in high consistency with the exact composition of the water and work automatically. 


  • mixer output: 1.8 M3 wet mortar / hour 
  • The electric power required is 16 A 3 Phase