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MU-480 RenoFix LowDust

MU-480 RenoFix LowDust
MU-480 RenoFix LowDust

Product benefits

  • Minimum dust working environment that provide cleaner & safer working environment. 
  • Easy and ready to use, only need to add water.
  • Change into new tile without dismantling the old/existing one.
  • Saving time & cost of labour.
  • Good prevention of tile debonding.
  • Can withstand strong traffic load on the tile surface.
  • Strong adhesion & good workability.
  • Slow drying time that gives better adjustment time.
  • Resistant to expansion – shrinkage of the substrate & tile.

Specifically design premixed mortar for application of fixing Ceramic Tile, Granite Tile and/or Natural Stone on top of old/existing Ceramic Tile or Granite Tile , both on the wall or on the floor without having to remove the old tile.

Product Features


± 3 m² / sak 15 Kg / 3 mm

Type of usage

MU-480 RenoFix LowDust, is applicable on various surfaces, which are:

  • Tile, marble, granite wall and floor surface
  • Red brick and light brick surface
  • Plastered wall
  • Slush grout wall
  • Concrete wall and floor
  • Lean concrete surface or screed




Product Standard Reference

EN 1348:1997


Send or download the documentation

You can either send the documentation to en-email address, or download it.

Preparation & Application

How to apply

  1. The ceramic application is done manually with curved currycomb.
  2. Thickness of adhesive space is 3 mm


  1. Pour 5.5-6.0 liter for 25 kg MU-480 RenoFix LowDust sack.
  2. Put MU-480 RenoFix LowDust dry powder into mixing container.
  3. Mix the powder and water to form even mixture.




  1. Prepare working place & surface. The tile is better be placed on stable and even surface (more adhesive will be use on un plastered bricks wall surface).
  2. Use MU-600 mixture (waterproof solution) if more waterproof tiled wall is needed.
  3. Place sufficient references for neatness and straightness of tile fixing.
  4. Clean surface base from chips, dirt & oil that can reduce mixture adhesiveness.

Packaging & Storage

Shelf Life

12 months if stored in closed bag in a dry room.


Available in 15  kg


Store in room and keep it dry. Avoid over stacking, there should be maximum 8 stacks per pallet (maximum 2 stacks of pallet).

Technical Data

Technical Data

ColorLight Grey
Application Thickness2 - 10 mm
Bonding agentPortland Cement
Aggregateselected sand with maximum 0.6 mm grain size
FillerTo increase density and lessening mixture porosity
AdditiveWater solution to increase workability and adhesiveness
Water needs3.3 - 3.6 liter / 15 Kg sack
Initial Tensile strength
         EN 1348:1997
minimum 1,0 N/mm2 @ 28 days
Coverage ± 3 m² / sak 15 Kg / 3 mm
Density of dry powder1400 kg/m3
Pot life180 Minutes
Open time

20 minutes. EN: 1346:0.7 N/mm@ 28 days