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MU-200 SkimWall

MU-200 SkimWall
MU-200 SkimWall

Product benefits

  • Smooth result and has light grey color.
  • High adhesive power and very plastic when applied on smooth and silky surface. The mixture does not dry easily when applied.
  • Prevent soft crack on walls due to shrinkage of the structure.                     
  • Could be directly painted after 7 days.
  • Does not absorb paint thus use paint more efficiently.
  • Applicable for interior or exterior of a building.
  • The finishing is a lot neater and it could save a lot of building maintenance cost

Instant cement for plaster and concrete finish coat that can also be used for internal and external finishing purpose. It has cement, filler and additive material mixed homogenously.

Disclaimer: This product is also available for architect and big projects with different product code. For further information, please contact MU-Weber Project Sales.

Product Features

Product Standard Reference

DIN 18550

Type of usage

MU-200 is applicable on various surfaces, which are:

  • Plastered surface (MU-100 or MU-301).
  • Concrete, pre-cast surface.


± 10 m²/20kg sack/1,5mm

± 20 m²/40kg sack/1,5mm


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You can either send the documentation to en-email address, or download it.

Preparation & Application


Tools: steel currycomb, steel or aluminum ruler, hand mixer, mixing cart. Preparation

  1. Prepare the working spot as well as the plastered surface.
  2. Clean the surface from dust, dirt and oil that will reduce the adhesiveness of the mixture.
  3. Should the wall gets too dry, wet the surface with water.




  1. Pour water into mixing cart for about 12.5 – 13,0 liter for each sack of MU-200 (40 kgs)
  2. Pour the MU-200 into the mixing cart.
  3. Mix the top part until well mixed.



How to apply

  1. Plastering should be applied manually as general application and smoothen by long aluminum ruler.
  2. Recommended thickness of plaster is 1.5 – 3.0 mm, which depends on the surface’s smoothness.



Packaging & Storage


Store in room and keep it dry. Avoid over stacking, there should be maximum 8 stacks per pallet (maximum 2 stacks of pallet).

Shelf Life: 12 months if stored in closed bag in a dry room.


Available in 40 kg

Shelf Life

12 bulan bila disimpan dalam kantong tertutup dalam ruangan yang selalu kering.

Technical Data

Technical Data

ColorLight Grey
Application Thickness1- 3 mm
Bonding agentPortland Cement
FillerTo increase density and lessening mixture porosity
AdditiveWater solution to increase workability and adhesiveness
Water needs12.5 - 13.5 liters
Compressive strengthDIN 18555 part 3: 10-15 N/mm2 @ 28 days
Density of dry powderEN 1015-10; 1560 kg/m3
AdhesionEN 1015-12: 03-05 N/mm2
Pot life@35°2 hours
Water retention

DIN 18555 part 7 : >96.2%

Application thickness1-1.5 cm