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MU-600 DryShield

MU-600 DryShield
MU-600 DryShield

Product benefits

  • Rich of liquid, easy to mixed and used
  • Containing Acrylic Copolymer, high flexibility performance.
  • the results are more integrated  to provide more complete protection and durable.
  • Non-toxic and non corrosive material

MU-600 DryShield, a two-component submersible coating material with base material from cement, filler and additive, is especially designed using Crackbridge Technology that contains active polymer emulsion of Acrylic Co-Polymer with the ability to increase resistance of waterproofing flexibility against the process of the expanding and shrinking of the underneath substrate cracking

Product Features

Type of usage

MU-600 is applicable on various surfaces, which are: 

  • Red brick and light brick layering surface
  • Concrete wall and floor before the application of screed, tile, marble or granite
  • Lean concrete or screed floor before the application of tile, marble or granite.
  • Not suitable for external expose application


± 1.5 m²/3kg set/2 layers application

± 15 m²/30kg set/2 layers application


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Preparation & Application


Tools: roller or brush and hand mixer


  1. The water proofing surface must be cleaned from dust, oil or other dirt that can reduce the adhesiveness of the products.
  2. Impaired or unsmooth surface, such as holed surface or peeled surface must be restored first with appropriate product before the application of the product.


  1. Pour the liquid MU-600.
  2. Pour in the dry MU-600.
  3. Mix evenly.

How to apply

  1.  Before the application, the surface should be wet/damped with water for better result.
  2. Use the brush, roll or currycomb to apply the product, which will depend on the smoothness of the surface
  3. Apply the product at least two layers like applying paint
  4. Wait until the product sets before applying the upper layer (screeding, tile application, etc)

Packaging & Storage


Store in room and keep it dry. Avoid over stacking, there should be maximum 8 stacks per pallet (maximum 2 stacks of pallet).

Shelf Life: 12 months if stored in closed bag in a dry room.


  • MU-600 Dryshield Tec 3 Kg set (2 Kg powder dan 1 Kg liquid)
  • MU-600 DryShield Pro 20 Kg set (15 Kg powder dan 5 Kg liquid)

Shelf Life

12 months when stored in the pockets closed in a room used to dry.

Technical Data

Technical Data

ShapePowder & liquid
ColorLight Grey (powder), white (liquid)
Application Thickness± 500 micron with 2 layers
Bonding agentPortland Cement
AdditiveWater solution to increase workability and adhesiveness
Adhesion strengthEN 1348:1997: 1-1.5N/mm2